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Sedamyl UK - FS Elliott Compressor User   


Sedamyl UK is an agribusiness that processes wheat to manufacture a range of value-added products that includes native and modified starches, alcohol for food & beverages, native wheat proteins and wheatfeed.

They are a leading manufacturer of starches, sweeteners, proteins and alcohol. They supply and sell ingredients to major industries throughout Europe.

As an established European manufacturer, we have constantly improved the quality of our products, becoming one of the main suppliers of ingredients for the food and beverage, paper and corrugated, green chemistry and animal nutrition industries. We are also recognised by the leading spirits companies for the high quality of our neutral grain alcohol which we produce in both the UK and Italy.

Our goal as a business is to ensure that we continue to grow whilst supporting all of our employees, suppliers and customers along the way.

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PAP Plus 
FS Elliott Compressor 

During 2021 Airtec Filtration Ltd was asked to re-purpose an FS Elliott PAP Plus Steam driven air compressor at the Selby site.

The compressor is steam driven by an Elliott YBR turbine.

Since we undertook this work Sedamyl has placed  further full 48,000 hour overhaul work with our company in 2022,  its second steam driven PAP Plus FS Elliott equipment.

In 2022 we where awarded the site service contract on both the FS Elliott equipment , Rubuski blowers and the oil free Atlas Copco ZT and BD equipment.

Airtec Filtration Ltd  are proud to support Sedamyl UK 


New OEM Coolers 

As part of the planned overhaul work on the

2 x FS Elliott steam driven compressors, Sedamyl placed orders for new OEM  intercoolers both for its Selby plant, spare intercoolers for its sister plant in Italy as well as critical spare parts for the compressors and YBR turbines for both sites.

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