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Steam Turbine Parts & Services

Elliott turbomachinery is precisely engineered to operate efficiently and reliably, with minimal downtime for service or repair. But when service is needed for an Elliott machine Airtec can provide expertise to help your company get your steam turbine operational again.

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Fabrizio Arnaudo Sedamyl UK

"Airtec and Ztechnique has consistently provided our business with a cost effective alternative service on our YBR steam turbines, both for routine service and overhaul"

Carbon Seals 

These carbon/graphite grades have a fine-grain structure with excellent mechanical properties. Retaining (or “garter”) springs are made from Inconel (for temperatures above 700° F) or stainless steel. Stops are made from stainless steel, cadmium-plated steel, or bronze.

The sealing effectiveness of these  Carbon turbine rings is achieved with a combination of careful design and painstaking craftsmanship in manufacturing. Shaft clearance calculations take into account the coefficient of thermal expansion of both the shaft material and the selected carbon/graphite grade as well as the exact operating temperature. Typical segment ends are either overlap or light-tight butt joints, and each joint is matched and marked. Ring faces are given a commercial lap finish.

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We get to do some fun stuff now and again with this time lapse video of our engineers repairing an Elliott YBR steam turbine for one of our customers 

We are repairing a damaged Flowserve Governor valve 

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