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Compressor & Dryer Rental 

We offer a wide range of oil free and oil lubricated compressed air equipment for long and short term rental from ELGI , Atlas Copco & FS Elliott

Why Rent 

No downtimes when compressors breakdown

When your compressed air equipment fails a stopped plant can be very expensive. We will ensure you have a fast replacement rental compressor or dryer to keep production flowing.

Production increases

Company's often have to plan compressed air expansion for increased production etc. By renting a compressed air addition you can manage the cost far quicker than waiting for a new piece of equipment to be authorised.

New Facility

Building a new factory? looking at cost effective alternatives to outright purchase. Then Rental from ourselves could be the long-term solution.

New Compressor but a long lead time 

The order is placed but the lead time is long. No fear you can bridge the gap with a rental compressor that will ensure you can start production on time.

Long Term Rental Example

Depending on your rental agreement term your rental price inclusive of service and breakdown cover could be as low as £75 per week for an ELGi oil lubricated air compressor.

Small workshops that need a compressed air solution , compressor , dryer and filtration can simply hire from Airtec Filtration Ltd for 12 months duration or longer and when the time comes to grow your business you simply contact us and stipulate what size of air compressor you need to expand your operation.
Simple and cost effective for your business.

Featured here is a EG22kw oil lubricated air compressor matched to the customers existing air dryer 

ELGI EG 22 rental compressor

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