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32-grade full synthetic coolant specifically designed for centrifugal compressors. 

159 lires qty per barrel


It is imperative that bearing surfaces are kept varnish free in your centrifugal compressor. With this in mind, FS-Elliott offers a proprietary full synthetic centrifugal coolant, FSE-TurboCool, specifically designed for centrifugal compressors (viscosity 32 grade).

While the 32 grade is standard for FS-Elliott compressors, an HD version (viscosity grade 46) is also available. 


FSE-TurboCool Features

  • Extended Oil Drain Periods - up to 24,000 hours
  • Oxidative Resistance - Keeps the oil cooler from getting plugged up and resists the buildup of carbon deposits on rotating components.
  • Superb Water Separation - Readily separates from water, allowing excess moisture buildup to drain from the system. This prevents accelerated rusting and viscosity dilution.
  • Energy Savings - Oxidative resistance prevents fluids from becoming thicker and increasing energy consumption.

FSE-TurboCool® 32-grade full synthetic coolant for centrifugal

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