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Core products of our portfolio are air coolers for IR Centac® air compressors. Here, we are able to deliver the air coolers for almost the entire Centac® product family - starting from the Centac® 1, over the Centac® 2 and to the Centac® C-series.
The Centac® cartridge 'donut-type' coolers are housed inside the cooler barrels. Air passes through the tubes and water passes over the outside of the tubes, heat in the compressed air moves from the hot air into the water cooled fins. The heat exchange area is greatly increased by the internal fins and straight-through design of the tubes.
Our manufacturing technology and the use of a balanced quantity of tubes, in which the compressed air is cooled, enable our coolers (designed as an OEM "donut type") to offer a perfect balance between pressure loss and CTD values. This means that we can not only give our customers a 100% guarantee that our air coolers can be deployed without restriction in their Centac® compressors, but that we can also assure them that these perform as well as or even better than the OEM products.

One year standard warranty on these coolers
Image does not represent the exact cooler offered above.

4C-110 7X12728 Centac Cooler Ztechnique

14 900,00£Price
Excluding VAT
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