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  • Is it possible we can pay in Crypto Currency Ether
    Yes we have added our payment QR code at the Cart Page. Simply scan the QR code for payments to ztechnique.eth and then at the total page you can simply put the total with shipping and tax into your Crypto wallet and send us the total payment. Please notify us in advance if you wish to use this method of payment and we can make sure you receive a off line tax reclaim invoice for your goods. This is our QR code for payment . On your wallet it should show as Ztechnique.eth or send us the payment string from your wallet for verification by email. Once we have verified your payment we will ship the goods right away
  • Do you have distributors that can help me
    Ztechnique has formed a number of global distributors over many years. These fully trained distributors are equipped with Z and MD skills and spare parts. In the USA for example we have a large Master distributor Atlas Machine Inc in Kentucky. Atlas Machine carries over 1 million USD of Ztechnique element stock. you can contact them via this link Atlas Machine can ship next day if required.
  • How do we become a Ztechnique distributor
    You can apply to become a Ztechnique distributor by contacting Rob Winstanley using our online reply form. Please provide details regarding your company and a web site address at the time of inquiry and a brief overview of your capabilities. We can by arrangement provide Z and MD training for your team.
  • Do you support Atlas Copco Elektronikon repairs & replacements
    Yes we can support either replacing your Elektronikon Mk4 or Mk5 with new or in certain cases repairing your original Elektronikon. Providing us with your Elektronikon serial number and compressor dryer serial number will be required at the time of order.
  • Can you support Ingersoll Rand Centac Parts
    We can supply OEM and alternative Centac and MSG Turbo parts , please send us your request by using our form below
  • Do you supply lubricants for air compressors
    Yes have a wide range of lubricants for oil lubricated and oil free air compressors that also includes food safe oil.
  • Can you supply OEM spare parts
    Yes we can supply OEM compressor parts for most brands
  • Do your replacement pressure & temperature sensors work with OEM equipment
    Yes our full range of alternative Ztechnique pressure and temp sensor's work seamlessly with your OEM equipment and we have optional interface cables available at our shop.
  • Do you supply 2000,4000,8000, 16000 hour service kits for Z and MD Atlas Copco Equipment
    Yes we have a complete range of service kits for Atlas Copco Z air compressor models and ND MD spare parts for regen dryers. Lubricants are Ztechfluid
  • Can you reverse engineer parts
    Yes we can reverse engineer obsolete spare parts for mainly Atlas Copco Z and MD equipment. We also keep large quantity's of used parts we can scan and re design as required. Examples of such work is our ability to provide the NRV valve seen below with new sealing plates and other essential parts the OEM doesn't sell separately
  • Can you provide Centac Centrifugal compressor training ?
    Yes we can provide practical and theory training on Ingersoll Rand Centac centrifugal air compressors at our Ztechnique dedicated training facility in the UK. Training is in 3 levels and priced accordingly. Please inquire for your specific needs.
  • Can you provide Centac Centrifugal compressor training ?
    Yes we can provide practical and theory training on Ingersoll Rand Centac centrifugal air compressors at our Ztechnique dedicated training facility in the UK. Training is in 3 levels and priced accordingly. Please inquire for your specific needs.
  • Do you provide alternative Atlas Copco 'Z' and 'ND' 'MD' dryer training ?
    Yes we have a Ztechnique dedicated training school based in St Helens Merseyside. We focus on ZR ZT ZA ZE training that provides service and overhaul training from 2000 hour services up to 80,000 hour overhauls. You will learn how to install oil free air ends and service the key components on the Z compressor along with instrument control panel training. Fault finding plays a major role in the training syllabus. You will be tested for your knowledge gained and the successful trainee receives a Ztechnique training certificate. Likewise we provide training on ND MD Atlas Copco dryers that consists of around d 50/50 split between classroom and practical tasks. Training can be tailored to your needs but generally takes around 3 x 8hr days to complete depending on class size etc If you would like to discuss our training syllabus for 2023 please contact us by contact form or simply call +44 (0) 1744 733211 UK Previous companies such as Air Liquide have provided referrals in regard to the quality op our training , available on request
  • Can you provide Centac Centrifugal compressor training ?
    Yes we can provide practical and theory training on Ingersoll Rand Centac centrifugal air compressors at our Ztechnique dedicated training facility in the UK. Training is in 3 levels and priced accordingly. Please inquire for your specific needs.
  • Do you provide on site Z and MD training
    Yes we can arrange to undertake on the job training for your team anywhere in the World * Please inquire via our web page form for more details. * Translators needed in certain country's
  • Do you supply intercoolers , aftercoolers and oil coolers for Atlas Copco compressors and dryers
    We can supply new and refurbished parts for ZA ZR water cooled Atlas Copco compressed air equipment. Our brand is Ztechnique we have been producing spare parts since 1987. All parts are covered by a guarantee for a minimum 12 months
  • Do you support Ingersoll Rand Centac compressor coolers
    Yes we cover a wide range of Centac and Cameron MSG Turbo coolers on our web site. We have the option to supply OEM and Ztechnique alternative coolers. please provide your serial number when making an inquiry
  • Can I send my old Z or GHH element to you for refurbish ?
    Yes providing the donor element isn't too badly damaged we can normally refurbish customer supplied air ends in around 14 days from receipt of the element to our Merseyside operations centre WA9 3AX post code. Warranty is normally 12 months on refurbished parts. We can also offer a fitting service anywhere that is required either by our direct service team or a WW distributor partner.
  • Do you support GHH oil free air ends
    Yes we can provide replacement GHH air ends with refurbished and new elements.
  • Do you offer OEM refurbished and NEW 'Z' oil free air ends
    We manufacture new and refurbished Atlas Copco replacement air ends for all of the ZT ZR ZA ZE range of oil free compressors and are generally 50% less expensive than the OEM new offer. Our refurbished elements have a 12 Month warranty. We provide 18 months warranty on new Ztechnique elements.
  • Oil is leaking from my rear oil seal on my ZA ZR ZT ZE compressor what could be the cause ?
    Check your breather is operating normally and the filter on your breather has been replaced Your HP LP elements could be surpassing there lifetime and the air seals are passing air pressure from the LP or HP elements into your gearbox causing higher than normal crankcase pressure. For more information diagnosing this fault contact Ztechnique for a consultation.
  • My Atlas Copco ZR ZT High oil temperature from HP LP oil returns to sump ? what could be the cause
    If you have abnormal oil temperature from both your HP LP oil returns and higher than normal LP HP element temps check: •Check the oil temperature is it in normal range •Check oil is in the gearbox is filled to normal levels •Replace oil filter and check contents of filter for debris •Check the oil cooler (water) Delta T is normal across the cooler if not suspect a blockage •If all above ok look further at mechanical components SERVICE TIP – On modern ZR ZT the Alfa Laval oil coolers are very hard to clean – we recommend replace the cooler
  • My Intercooler pressure is higher than normal ? what could it be ?
    Generally if you have high intercooler pressure on an Atlas Copco 2 stage oil free Z compressor its most likely to be your High Pressure element failing. Take the Elektronikon readings from the panel for LP out , HP in, HP Out. A failing HP element will normally create a higher than normal air temperature from your Low Pressure element in the range of 190 to 230 c and could trip the compressor as the Intercooler reaches 47 psi maximum allowable pressure. If your having issues with your Z compressor you can contact us using the form below and we can action a Teams call between us.
  • The Intercooler pressure is lower than normal 1.9 bar what could be the cause
    If you have the following operating conditions its Is likely that your LP Element is failing . •Low Intercooler pressure under 1.9 bar •Normal LP Element Outlet Temperature 150 /170’c •High HP element outlet temperature 180/200+’c •HP Inlet Normal temp 45 to 50’c typical You can also check for leakage on your intercooler circuit which can also lower intercooler pressure. If you need assistance contact Ztechnique now for a discussion on next steps
  • Can Airtec Service my compressed air equipment
    Yes we provide direct service in the UK for oil free and oil lubricated customers. Our team can confidently service the following equipment, Atlas Copco , Ingersoll Rand, Cameron MSG, FS Elliott compressors. We are 'Safe Contractor' accredited to work on your sites. For service contact us directly +44 1744 733211 Servicing customers since 1987
  • My compressor has High LP Element Temp ZR ZT off loaded ? what could cause that
    If you have abnormal intercooler vacuum and your LP element outlet is hotter than normal check the following •Your vacuum cannot be adjusted by the intercooler screw . It remains constant no difference •Your LP element is running hot off load and trips @ 220’c •Your Intercooler pressure is lower than 1.9 bar SERVICE TIP – Check intercooler circuit on/off load for leaks _ More prone on ZT compressor circuits.
  • High HP Element Temperatures ZR ZT On Load ? what could be the cause
    •LP Outlet temp 150 to 170’c typical normal running •HP Inlet temp if over 60’c intercooler probably blocked water or air side •High HP element outlet temperature 180/200+’c SERVICE TIP – Check cooler condition external and internally before other invasive checks
  • My MD dryer has covered 40,000 hours run and isn't performing well
    Most MD dryers can surpass 40,000 hours run in ideal environment conditions. However many MD dryers simply don't get the required attention they need over the 40,000 hours use and suffer from premature failure of the drum material. If your suffering lower and lower dewpoint and your dryer is over 40,000 hours run it needs a full overhaul that includes a new drum and all the ancillary parts that the manufacturer states are required. Ztechnique can provide a new or refurbished MD drum and all necessary spare parts to bring your MD dryer back to its full dewpoint capability at a significantly less cost than the OEM prices All our work is guaranteed. If you need assistance with a failing Atlas Copco MD dryer, contact us now and we can assist you wherever you are in the World
  • Heat Recovery what benefits does it have for my MD dryer
    Often Atlas Copco MD dryers are operating outside of there ideal design range and the regen drum can become saturated with moisture. One solution is to retrofit a 'low load heater' to the dryer enabling the dryer regen temperature to be maintained above 125 c when the compressor is off load. Ztechnique can offer a retrofit kit to correct the low dewpoint situation. Please inquire about this service directly with our support team
  • My MD dryer has stopped its drum rotation ? what could be causing that
    Check the motor is turning on load by observing the motor fan turning The rotate signal to turn from the Z compressor could be faulty and the motor is not turning The compressor could be unloaded There could be internal damage to the gearbox drive coupling (sheared off ) and the drum has stopped rotating internally. Remove the MD dryer lid to check
  • The Delta T across my water in/out of my Regen cooler is the same ? what is the problem
    Check that your water is flowing in and out of the regen cooler If you have good water supply the next steps is to see if the cooler is blocked by removing the water inlet cap and checking the face of the tubes for water blockages. Action: clean the water tubes with threaded rod by pushing the thread rod inside and out of the tubes the entire length of the cooler top clear loose material. If you meet with resistance remove the cooler for specialised cleaning.
  • My Dewpoint is below -20 on my Atlas Copco MD dryer what may be the cause
    Atlas Copco MD IMD dryers rely heavily on a number of factors to ensure the dryer can reach -20 dewpoint. Tuning of the dryer is very important and needs adjustment generally every 2000 hours of service Regular services each year. The 8000 hour service is very important that the Demister pad is replaced inside the dryer Drum saturation levels can be affected by poor load unload cycles Too low of a regen temperature from the Z compressor keeps the drum too wet and the result is poor dewpoint. Moisture drains have to be functioning 100% Regen cooler temperature is critical and can be affected by poor water conditions (temp) and tube clogging If your MD dryer isn't performing to your expectations contact us for a teams call and we can usally detect the problem for you with a few checks you can make yourself.
  • I have lowered my site air pressure to 5 bar what impact will this have on my MD Dryer
    Lowering your site air pressure lower than the deign pressure of your Atlas Copco MD dryer will effect its Dewpoint performance. MD dryers are normally sold for 7 bar air pressure applications unless otherwise specified. The regen air nozzle inside the dryer is sized specifically for 7 bar pressure. If you lower the pressure too low the effectiveness of the regen air will make the dryer unstable and the result will be lower dewpoint of the dryer. You must change the nozzle for a smaller size to increase the velocity of the regen air. A list of nozzle sizes are provided on the side of your MD dryer. You can obtain alternative nozzles from Ztechnique
  • My differential setting needs adjustment on my MD dryer ? what should the correct adjustment be.
    If you check your DP on your MD dryer and its giving a larger than normal reading 'compressor on load' you can adjust your regen valve to bring the MD dryer WG reading back in line with the settings below. make small adjustments to the regen valve and always ensure the water gauge reading is higher on the left of the DP gauge when checking it as per the image below. Be careful adjusting the regen valve when the compressor is running as the regen valve can be 150c temperature or more and can cause burns. The compressor must be up to normal temperature and on load to set the DP. If your in doubt how to set the DP we can arrange to provide you with online training from our Ztechnique facility. This is a chargeable training service. For more information contact ztechnique Fixed Speed MD dryers: Set DP at 15-30 mmWG VSD dryers: Set DP at 10-15 mmWG at minimum speed of the compressor/dryer

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