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Refurbished MD drum service 

‘We can refurbish your Atlas Copco equipment from top to bottom at great prices ’

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Our Offer 

Whichever model of Atlas Copco MD ND air dryer you utilise  can be refurbished by our business.

Often we can provide you with a ‘service exchange’ MD drum and you return yours to us after installing for a return credit.

Or if you prefer we can provide you with a NEW Ztechnique complete drum

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Material Selection 

Selecting the right material for the job is extremely important.

Our material has been sourced from the same supplier for many years and has the closest possible specification to the OEM supplied material


The finished product 

'We offer a 12 month no quibble warranty on all our new and refurbished MD dryer drums' 

Ztechnique-2 MD600 drum.jpg

NEW for 2024 IMD260 

Refurbished IMD drum


The Atlas Copco IMD 260 MD dryer drum is unique to this model of compressor / dryer configuration.

In 2024 we have launched a fully refurbished version of this drum utilising the customers original parts where possible but replacing the drum media. This drum will provide 40,000 hours in service time if operated under normal working conditions


What can we do for you ?

Contact us and request a quotation for a new or refurbished Ztechnique MD ND drum 
We also supply 4000 , 8000 , 40,000 hour service & overhaul kits 

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