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FSE-TurboCool CC is designed to clean heavily varnished air compressors efficiently and safely while the compressor remains in operation — helping to minimize maintenance-related costs and downtime. 

159 lires qty per barrel


FSE-TurboCool CC Features

  • This cleaner solubilizes the varnish and carbon into the lubricant and works to restore the compressor to peak efficiency.
  • Contaminants are easier to filter out.
  • Helps to prevent large sludge particles from traveling through the system where they could potentially cause harm.
  • Please note: FSE-TurboCool CC cleaner can be used with all FSE brand fluids with the exception of FSE-TurboCool FG (food grade) as it will negate the fluid’s food grade properties.

FSE-TurboCool CC For Heavy Varnished Compressors

exkl. MwSt.
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