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he Ebara DWO 150M is a centrifugal pump fitted with an open radial flow impeller in AISI 304 stainless steel, also making it suitable for pumping liquids that are not completely clean, but with solid parts up to 19 mm in diameter.
The DWO electric pump's pressed AISI 304 pump body is obtained through the hydroforming process, providing sturdy construction, hydraulic efficiency and reliability.
For further technical information see the Databook

• Washing of vegetables, meat, fish and molluscs
• Industrial end-of-cycle washing systems, washing and surface finishing of metal pieces, cans, washing of bottles, jars, glass containers, crates, and baskets, etc.
• Communal dishwashers, glasswashers, cup washers, spray booths
• Liquid handling, evacuation and transfer

Pump Specifications:

  • Type of liquid: Clean water
  • Max temp.: 90°C
  • Max. working pressure: 8 bar
  • Impeller: Open centrifugal type
  • Shaft seal type: Mechanical seal
  • Bearing: Sealed ball bearing
  • Suction: G2
  • Discharge: G2

Ebara DWO 150M Centrifugal Surface Water Pump - 230v - Single Phase

990,00£ Standardpreis
exkl. MwSt.
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